Never Prospect or Cold Call again.

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Leads Like Magic. You Just Close the Sale.

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How's it Work?

1. Tell Us Your Ideal Customer

We can look at your performance data to determine your perfect customer or you can just tell us by industry, role, revenue, geo, demographic, or more.

2. We Connect with Prospects and Schedule Calls on Your Calendar

We build relationships with Prospects on LinkedIn, match their needs to your offering, and schedule calls with them on your calendar. You get warm leads who know and value your service. Never cold call or prospect again.

3. You Close the Sale

You enjoy a constant stream of booked demos or Discovery calls. All you have to do is "close the deal." Spend your time on revenue-generating activities from now on and grow your business up to 90% FASTER!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What do I have to do?

We take care of everything short of closing the sale. We find the perfect list of Prospects for you based upon your criteria for your Ideal Customer Persona (ICP). We reach out to them and “Connect” with them on LinkedIn on your behalf. We set appointments for you. Leads then schedule a call with you on your calendar. All you have to do is review your calendar and close sales calls with your warm Leads. It’s a turn-key acquisition program. It’s that simple.

What setup, software or configuration do I need?

You will need a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. LinkedIn offers a free 30-day trial, so you can get started with LinkedIn at no cost.

Also, you should have a meeting booking service, such as YouCanBook.me or Calendly, so Leads can book a meeting directly on your calendar. This eliminates back-and-forth emails, so you can spend your time driving revenue.

How much is your service?

We offer several different packages to match your sales throughput capabilities. We will discuss this with you on our Discovery call. So book your Discovery call now to learn more!

Do I need to email Leads?

No. Leads will book calls right to your calendar.

What verticals or industries does this work for?

If they are on LinkedIn, then they are a potential target. The most popular industries include:

Consultants, Marketing, Branding, Public Relations, Paid Advertising SEO, Web Design, Lead Generation, Recruiter, Staffing Company, Business Coach, Speaker Software startups, Medical Sales, Sales Trainer, Pharmaceutical Sales, IT Recruiter, Payroll Company, Accountant, Business Attorney, CPA, Book keeper, Non profit Fundraiser, Startups, Wholesalers, Graphic Designer, Web Development and Programming