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What is Retargeting (Remarketing)? Why It MUST Be a Part of Your Marketing Stack

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If you own a business that is invested in selling goods or services, then over time you would have observed how the consumers nowadays are not so much, what we would like to call ‘trusting’. Consumers today, thanks to the online world, have their reach expanded to different corners of the globe and hence are in no hurry to choose a brand the first time it pops up before them.

This observation is also backed by facts that suggest that for most of the websites, only 2% of the traffic converts into customers on the first visit. But as a brand, your focus is upon the remaining 98% of the visitors who did not convert. So, what can be done about them? How can you convince them to give your brand a chance?

Well, this is where retargeting (remarketing) comes into play, to drive the remaining 98% of the traffic back to your website with the intention to convert them. So, in this article we’ll discuss what remarketing is, why AdRoll is a major player in the space, how Facebook remarketing and google ads retargeting works, and why retargeting should be a part of your marketing strategy.

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What is Remarketing (AKA Retargeting)?

The majority of visitors to your website won’t purchase on their first visit, perhaps only 2-3% on average.

But during this visit, if you are employing Retargeting, these visitors’ desktop devices will be tagged with a “cookie.” And when this visitor visits another website on the web that is a part of an “Ad Exchange,” say eBay, then this visitor will see an ad marketing the product that they viewed initially on your site.

There are many elements to discuss in what appears on the surface to be a simple transaction, such as the cookie, ad exchange, auction, etc. but we’ll focus on high-level concepts in this article.

what is retargeting

Retargeting helps in making your brand visible to the customers who have already once demonstrated an interest in your products. It is a means of chasing your potential customers through AdRoll, Facebook remarketing or Google ads retargeting so your brand gets displayed on their screens again and again. Now, the more times your potential customers come across your brand name, the more they feel familiar, and increases their chance of becoming your new customer!

Why Is Remarketing So Effective?

Retargeting or remarketing needs to be a part of your marketing stack because it brings back to you that 98 % of the customers who leave your website without making a purchase.

It is so effective because this strategy primarily focuses on converting those potential customers who are already aware of your brand’s presence and have recently shown interest in buying your products. It doesn’t rely on their desire to return to your site, but constantly reminds them about your brand, that product they desire or your service which they have already investigated.

Thus making it easier to convert them.

How Does Remarketing/Retargeting Work?

Now that you have clearly understood what is remarketing, let us now try to decipher how it works.

Retargeting is basically a cookie-based tech that uses Javascript to follow your potential customers across the web and devices. So, assume that a customer A visits your website but because he gets distracted before making a purchase from your brand, leaves before buying anything.

Now, because of retargeting when A visited the website a small unobtrusive anonymous browser cookie dropped. Now as a result of it, whenever the cookied visitor A browses the web again to another site, the cookie informs the retargeting provider of his presence and they are instantaneously served with a personalized ad from your brand. These personalized ads are now likely to recapture his interest and to bring them back to your page.

This is how retargeting works. Simple, isn’t it? But for retargeting, a brand has to select a retargeting vendor like AdRoll that can aid you with remarketing. But before talking about it in further detail, first, let us clarify what is AdRoll and what is its role.

What Is AdRoll?

In our previous section, we discussed how Retargeting works; now let us refer back to it for a second to understand what AdRoll is and how they are different.

Now as we talked, retargeting works by dropping a code (also known as a pixel) as soon as a visitor comes to your website. After that anytime he surfs the web again, this cookie informs the retargeting vendor about his activity so that he could be pursued.
what is retargeting
Now AdRoll is one such retargeting vendor who displays retargeting ads to potential customers after they leave your site without making a transaction. It is one of the best and most commonly used platforms amongst the marketers for retargeting because it has access to advertising partners like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook Exchange, and Twitter.

This retargeting vendor, presently, works with the largest ad exchange which basically means that if you choose it as your vendor then it can pursue your customers anonymously across many web pages and social media platforms. It can aid you in following your customers wherever they go on mobile, apps, desktop and web.

AdRoll is a very user-friendly advertising platform, however, much like Google and Facebook, it is actually more complicated beneath the hood. One area that is not openly disclosed are the impression-capping settings. While most people will rely on AdRoll’s automatic impression capping engine “BidIQ,” you may start to visit sites on the web and experience an overwhelming quantity of your own remarketing ads. I’ve been to a site where I was encountered with 5 of my own ads in different ad units on the same page!?! For this reason, you may want to specify your own impression capping. And one very critical fact you must know is that your impression capping setting in AdRoll applies to EACH ad unit, not to the user, page or ad group. By setting an impression cap at “1” you may still see 3 ads on the same page in any given day depending on the ad units that that site supports. Keep this in mind.

In order to learn more about this remarketing giant, click on this link.

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Who Offers Remarketing Or Retargeting?

Apart from AdRoll, other platforms who offer remarketing/retargeting services are-

  • Google Ads Retargeting

By choosing Google AdWords remarketing you can grab the attention of your audience when they visit websites that are part of Google Display Network (GDN), or when they are browsing YouTube or while using Android apps.

  • Facebook Remarketing

With more than 1 million followers, Facebook is one of the best remarketing vendors who are present out there. The advertising possibilities with this platform are limitless if you decide to give it a chance.

  • Perfect Audience

If you are a small business who has just entered the big-game then consider selecting Perfect Audience for exploring remarketing techniques. This vendor offers solutions for Web, Mobile, Dynamic and Facebook remarketing. Additionally, they support ads in the healthcare vertical, which AdRoll may not.


So, by now if you have pretty much grabbed the concept of what is remarketing, what is retargeting, what is AdRoll and how does Facebook remarketing and Google ads retargeting works, then do not wait and choose your retargeting vendor soon! Selecting the right vendor will aid your brand in becoming familiar and in increasing your conversion rates.

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